At 19 I fell in love. And I stayed with him for years.   I stayed long after I discovered he was an alcoholic and repeatedly slept with other women. I stayed after I found out he used and dealt cocaine. I stayed even after a night of hell when he  carried me to an open window threatening to throw me out.

The writings were exploration, therapy, story telling. They were a way to try to understand why: why I fell so hard, why I stayed, why I went back. And so very important, these writings were how I finally became strong enough to resist the addiction of his call.

I wrote “Skins I Have Worn” because I had to. At first these writings were in secret, just a friend and I huddled over a notebook. Eventually I began sharing a couple of pieces out loud. And now it is time to bring them to the stage, to step out into the light, literally as well as figuratively.


Marianne was born to a family of artists and has spent her life working with the performing and creative arts. She received her degree in Theater from San Francisco State and trained with the American Conservatory Theater from the age of eight. Over the years she has worked as an actress and director in San Francisco and Los Angeles, including Theater of Note where she was the assistant to the Artistic Director. In San Francisco she produced and directed “Joan of the Tenderloin, which she wrote. She has worked with video, co-writing and directing, “Joey’s Kitchen,” a pilot for a children’s cooking show which aired on CityTV in Santa Monica. She has been writing since she was a teenager and is a published poet.

Marianne is an entrepreneur who founded her award-winning landscape design business, Poetic Plantings, where she designed gardens that nourished the soul and nurtured the earth. She has since expanded her work as a designer to include education and advocacy for sustainable landscape practices during this time of unprecedented drought.

Two years ago, she created a new business endeavor, “Speak Your Passion,” which supports women in their quest to find their voices as public speakers and storytellers.