If We Build It …

I had been waiting for this planting day for weeks.  Journaling about it, sketching ideas, taking trips to the nursery for inspiration.  The day dawned beautiful, bright but not too hot.  November 18, a perfect time for planting in Southern California. My landscaper had come the day before to do some of the heavier work

30 Pieces of Silver

Mike was a carpenter. He loved doing projects around the house, especially wood working.  His favorite pastime upon retiring was to make things – our bed frame, a ‘window’ between the kitchen and the pantry, my jewelry box.  I was always impressed by the time and care he took with the details, it was his

The Dark Queens

  I’ve started gorging on food, To full and beyond. Eat and stuff, eat and stuff. Chicken and bread and cheese and peanut butter. Seeking to fill the void.   But not just the void, the Other.   Going back to the refrigerator again and again. Devouring seconds and thirds. Shoveling mouthfuls of rice while

Cracked Open – A New Skin

What is the jumping point for this writing?  Where do I begin?  You are joining me mid-chapter.  So perhaps I need to bring you up to date.  On May 8, my husband Mike went in for a simple surgery.  Two and a half hours and a thousand sorries later, they told me he was gone. 

There Be Dragons

They say 2017 is the beginning of a new cycle.  The old one has ended.  We are letting go of old stories and creating new ones, with as-of-yet unimagined possibilities. 18 months ago, I wrote, produced and directed SKINS I’VE WORN at the Electric Lodge, and what a life altering experience that was. For nearly