Living a Creative Life

As the skies lighten in the early days of 2016, I am sitting on the couch, drinking my coffee, writing – contemplating what I want to call in for the New Year. I am inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, “Big Magic” about living a creative life. I ended up reading it in one sitting

And They Danced

Saga of the Choreographer. I had one. Thought I had one. Was sure I had one. Next week? How about next week? Are you sure next week? Yes. I'm sure. I'll be there. For sure. I'll there. Next week comes... and you got it. No choreographer. He offered to line me up with someone else.

So What’s It About?

What is this project about?  What would I have YOU experience? My hope is that  you would be moved, touched, somehow shifted from where you are now. Perhaps that you might acknowledge, cry, release, heal. When asked what it's about I think "there is no simple girl meets boy here. Though maybe there is a girl meets girl