Then What?

Into this box – old paints and thinners and primers and stains and cleaners and brushes.  Take it away. Into that box - broken phones and batteries, cords and cameras no longer blinking.  Take it away. On the porch - books and clothes and more books and more clothes, and stuff and stuff and stuff.  Take

The Portal Opens

The moon is rising. The energies are gathering. Tomorrow night the portal opens into the dark lands. It takes courage to venture there. To risk exposing the heart. To dare feel what might be uncovered there. It takes a brave soul to journey with these women as they are brought to their knees by circumstances,

Alchemy of Art

It is happening, moving into being.  Shifting from a figment of my imagination to tangible actresses speaking words, music being explored, a choreographer coming aboard to blend in the dance.  Holy cow, mama! This past Saturday four brave actresses who said yes to this project gathered for the first time to read the script in