Braver Together

Sometimes we need a hand to hold.  Even though we know we can do it, are strong enough, smart enough to do it, sometimes, we somehow, just don't. Sometimes we need a little extra help, to get us over a hump, a bump. To give us a hug, or a sweet smile, to hold our hand

We Stutter and Stall

It is coming. The next shift. The next movement in this thing that is my life. It starts to take shape. A figure rising from the mist. It has to do with putting the writing out there, the words out there, in a ‘bigger’ way. I rush to give it words - I want to

The Book is Finished.

The book to “Skins I Have Worn,” is finished. You would think I’d have shouted that to the world as soon as I was done. Posted it across the internet. Hired a plane to fly it across the sky. But I haven’t. In fact, I waited days to order my proof, which then sat on my desk


At last.  Jumping for joy. Skipping with glee. Celebrating with champagne and chocolates! I hit SEND. The poetry book has been uploaded to Lulu, a proof copy is in the works, an e-book version being created as we speak.  Click here/here to get a copy. The end of this road is in sight. Who knows