We Stutter and Stall

It is coming. The next shift. The next movement in this thing that is my life. It starts to take shape. A figure rising from the mist. It has to do with putting the writing out there, the words out there, in a ‘bigger’ way. I rush to give it words - I want to

The Book is Finished.

The book to “Skins I Have Worn,” is finished. You would think I’d have shouted that to the world as soon as I was done. Posted it across the internet. Hired a plane to fly it across the sky. But I haven’t. In fact, I waited days to order my proof, which then sat on my desk


At last.  Jumping for joy. Skipping with glee. Celebrating with champagne and chocolates! I hit SEND. The poetry book has been uploaded to Lulu, a proof copy is in the works, an e-book version being created as we speak.  Click here/here to get a copy. The end of this road is in sight. Who knows

So Near and Yet So Far

LOL - I've learned can mean lots of love or, in my case, laughing out loud. I was inspired by my last discovery - the reason for my procrastination.  So I hunkered down and did the work to get it ready to print.  My promise to myself was that I would hit 'send' by my