In 2015, I created the website, Skins I Have Worn, to track the process of directing and producing a performance piece based on my writings.  I took the name from a poem I’d written that spoke to the way we are constantly changing, growing, evolving, taking on new roles, shedding old ones.  For more information about that transformative journey, I invite you to explore the “performance/book” page.  Because since then, the meaning has stayed the same, but the subject matter has radically altered.

In May of 2017, my husband, love and greatest supporter passed away. Since then I have desperately sought to ease the pain and heartache of losing him.  Though nothing in my experience compares to the loss, I have sought solace where I always turn in times of heartache – the page.

Over the weeks and months since then, I’ve journaled for myself and then blogged publicly about his loss.  Seeking not only a catharsis for myself, but perhaps a bit of relief and understanding for those who might be going through their own similar journey.

In time, this experience, these writings, may evolve into something else.  I have no idea what.  My creative spirit whispers gently in my ear, wraps kind arms around my heart.  Yes, my love it hurts. It hurts.  And yet your heart still beats, your lungs still breathe, your soul still longs to express the gifts you have been given.  So I write and share and cry, and write some more.

In this time of unknowing and transition, I have held onto the name, “Skins I Have Worn,” because all I know for sure is that old skins have been ripped away, and a new one is slowly waiting to be revealed.